Infuse Pro (6.4.4) Crash


AppleTv 4K latest released firmware, Infuse Pro 6.4.4 crashed this evening when browsing my movies in a sub folder. Restarted Infuse and browsed the same folder with no issues. Watched a movie from my Windows 10 Pro using SMB with no issues.

“Infuse supports Dolby Vision (single layer, profile 5)”, I wish Infuse would support my backup 4K Blu-ray Discs as I have to use my OPPO 205 if I want Dolby Vision.


Go ahead and post a diagnostic code (settings). @james can take a look.

Code 7G050

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Sorry for the delay.

It looks like you have opted out of crash log sharing, so we have limited info about what’s going on here.

If this is still happening in the current 6.4.5 update, I’d recommend the following.

  1. Enable the ‘Share Analytics Data’ in Infuse > Settings > General
  2. Send in a new report the next time this happens, and post the 5 digit code here

Thanks for the feedback!

Haven’t had a problem since the one crash and I’ve updated to the latest version again with no issues.

My library is made up of backups of my Blu-ray and UHD Blu-ray Discs. I have some movie only files (Blu-ray and UHD Blu-rays (non-Dolby Vision), in the .mkv container, and some decrypted full disc backups (Dolby Vision). My problem is I can’t seem to get Dolby Atmos to play through the AppleTv 4K in either file container format and Dolby Vision will not work in my full disc backups using Infuse Pro. I know my files/backups are ok as my Oppo 205 plays these same files utilizing Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. I also know my AppleTv 4K is ok as I stream movies from Disney+ and other providers and the Dolby Atmos and Vision are activated. I know there is an issue with single verses double layer so what can I do with my settings so Infuse Pro activates Dolby Atmos/Vision?


Only EAC3 (DD+) with Atmos will play. Apple doesn’t allow True-HD plus atmos.

Only single layer Dolby vision will work but not with a mkv. That is still being defined. And also only profile 5 will work.

The best you’re going to get right now with a full UHD backup is HDR10 and PCM audio. Nothing short of apple either changing tvOS or putting out new hardware will change this. Right now no third party media box outside of the oppo players and some internal TV players will handle dual layer Dolby vision. The only player out that handles both Dolby vision with atmos is the oppo.