Infuse Pro 6.3 playback issue

Hi, I’m watching a video file, pause it, turn screen off, turn screen on, unlock phone and playback resumes. Video playback resumes though there’s no audio and the icon which should change to pause still shows the play icon. Have to hit the play button again and audio catches to video then (pauses video, plays audio until audio catches up, afterwards both play synchronously). Anybody else having this issue?
iPhone 7 plus with latest iOS

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Sorry about that.

This is a bug which we’ve resolved in the 6.3.1 update which was submitted to Apple this morning.

We expect to have it available on the App Store early next week.

Having a similar issue but never really checked out the whole pause/resume thing. Mine just continues video without sound until I stop completely then hit play again.

Glad to hear there’s a fix in the upcoming update.

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