Infuse Pro 5 using 2 NAS-Systems

Hi everybody,

maybe someone can help me. I have a aTV 4K and am getting content from 2 different Synology NAS-Systems in my network. But in the overview where f.e. the latest added movies or shows are shown there is only content from one of the synologies. I still can get to the movies from the second synology using the directory, but the content is not shown on the ‘front page’.


Are you connecting to both devices using the same method, EG via SMB?

Infuse will be able to display content from multiple sources in the Library, so effectively you can see everything together in one nice list. However, the Library will not be available for some streaming options like UPnP and DLNA. If you are using either of these, I’d recommend switching to SMB or NFS and things should start working like you’d expect.