Infuse Pro 5 not recognizing TV show *season* folders

I recently switched from a DLNA to a SMB connection. I have a folder called TV that has sub folders with the name of each show, such as TV/Show Name/Season X/episode name. This worked perfectly under DLNA but on SMB, it is not recognizing the season folder so it’s just dumping all the episodes directly under TV/Show Name/ as if the seasons folders were not even there.

Anyone know why this is happening? I switched to SMB to gain some benefits not available via DLNA but I may switch back. Thanks.

Are these by any chance series which only have one season?

No, they have multiple seasons. One show does have only one season and under DLNA, I still had to click into the season 1 folder after clicking on the show name.

Have you tried using the Library view?

Don’t think so but I just switched it back to DLNA. SMB was a significantly slower connection and the only real benefit gained was being able to choose artwork for the folders which I’ve lived without up until just a few days ago. Back on DLNA, TV show seasons are segregated correctly again.

Infuse 6 has some additional logic which supports more TV show naming styles. For example, the following 3 organization options are available in v6 but not in v5.

show name/season 1/02.mkv
show name/season 1/1-02.mkv
show name/season 1/episode 02.mkv

Thanks, but no. I got a refund for Infuse Pro 6 because it will not honor embedded metadata only, which was never an issue prior to 6. I made a previous post about it and your answer was to switch from DLNA to SMB.

Unfortunately, this organization structure is not supported in v5. Sorry.

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