Infuse Pro 5 Crash with ios14

Hi everyone, I am a user from Taiwan
recently, my iPhone using infuse Pro5, it often crashes. Some movies cannot be played, they will crash as soon as they are played.
I tried deleting the app or even changing to iphone x, but it couldn’t solve the problem
I don’t know the app is incompatible with ios?
I don’t want to buy infuse pro 6 now because I’m afraid there will be pro7 again soon
Have you encountered any crashes recently?
Link on Youtube

Movie type:.MKV
File size:24gb
Device:iPhone 7 Plus 128G
iOS version: 14.1
Infuse version:5.9.6(2484)

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Sorry you’re having problems but I don’t think that version 5 will run reliably on iOS 14 and I don’t believe there will be any further updates that would help. I don’t think v5 is going to have any more updates and is primarily targeting users that are on devices that can’t be updated to iOS 14 and have to stick with the lower os’s.

There have been so many improvements in Infuse since v5 it makes it really a good idea to update.

Why not go the lifetime subscription and then you’ll never have to worry about having to pay for any future updates including major updates like v7 or v8 etc.

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I bought from v4 to now, I think I will buy the lifetime version next time, By the way, is it possible to support the Mac version in the future?

The Mac version is on the drawing board but it’s still a while before it’s release. You can follow the status here. Take note of the “7.0 (pending)” section. :wink:

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