Infuse Pro 5 charges

I purchased infuse Pro 5 on my ATV back in May and paid $14.99. Then when I downloaded for my iPhone this month I had to pay another $9.99 for the annual subscription. Am I supposed to be charged once for the app and then again for the subscription?

There are 2 ways of buying Infuse 5 with Pro features … see the Sticky article at the top of the sub forum ‘Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing’

Install Infuse 5 (free version) and then take out a subscription for the Pro features This version gives you all updates for future versions of Infuse even when the major version changes, provided you have a valid subscription active.

Install Infuse 5 Pro which is a one off purchase but only gives you updates to Infuse Pro 5 (when Infuse Pro 6 comes out then you will not get this as a upgrade)

It sounds to me like your have managed to purchased both versions.

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