Infuse Pro 5.7.3 plays stereo AAC track instead of 5.1 AC3 track

My collection of m4v videos have a pretty standard Apple audio track layout: A stereo AAC track followed by a 5.1 AC3 Dolby Digital surround track. The Plex tvOS client would correctly pick the AC3 track for playback, but due to several other issues with the Plex client, I’m trying out Infuse instead. Infuse works great, and fixes the stuttering and audio drop-out problems I had with Plex, but now it has its own problem: Infuse always plays the stereo track, not the surround track. On the movie information screen, Infuse lists the audio as Dolby Digital 5.1, but when playback starts, it picks stereo. I’ve trying the different audio options (auto, passthrough) and checked my tvOS audio settings (use best available), but that doesn’t seem to change what track Infuse plays.

Infuse Pro 5.7.3
Apple TV 4k
tvOS 11.4
Movies are m4v files played via Direct Play from a Plex server

Am I missing something obvious? I’m new to Infuse, but I’m really hoping that I can stick with it, it seems way ahead of Plex in support and keeping to to date. Thanks!

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As of 5.7.3, Infuse honors the ‘default’ flag (if set) for a particular audio track, so in your case it’s likely the AAC track is tagged as default which is why Infuse is preferring that over the other tracks.

We’re making a few changes for 5.7.4 which will provide more flexibility around this, and allow you to avoid the default flag and simply have Infuse pick the best quality track, which will likely work much better for you here.

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I don’t think a default track is set. I know that following Apple convention, the first audio track (Stereo AAC) is marked as enabled, and the second audio track (5.1 AC3) is disabled. This is a pretty standard m4v convention, apparently it’s not allowed to have multiple audio tracks enabled. Handbrake will output this track layout by default when targeting Apple devices, since it’s what iOS devices expect to find.

At any rate, thanks for the update, I will be happy to try this out again when the next version rolls out. Keep up the good work!

I’m trying Infuse 5.7.4 and nothing seems to have changed. Infuse is still playing the stereo track, not the Dolby Digital surround track. I can’t see any new settings regarding track selection, am I missing something?

We’ll have a guide up soon regarding the new logic, but the quick version is you can have Infuse ignore the Default flag on your audio tracks by changing the Settings > Language > Audio setting from Auto to your desired language.

This will allow Infuse to simply select the best audio track available, in your desired language. If no language matches are present, it would just select the best track in any language.

Yay, that works. Thanks for the quick reply!

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