Infuse Pro 5.6 with iPhone X - Swipe Bar and Notch

Hi Firecore Team! Infuse Pro 5.6 is looking great. Thanks so much for the effort you guys put into it.

I have a couple of questions for you, both pertaining to specifics around the iPhone X :

  1. The swipe Bar at the bottom of the video stays on the screen all of the time right now. I have noticed that in other apps when playing video it will auto fade. Can you guys do this too? It sure would make viewing a lot more pleasant.

  2. I have also noticed in Apple’s default video viewer that the default zoom mode is set so that the video does not overlap with the “notch” area, but allows you to double tap the screen to zoom in should you desire to use the whole screen. While I suppose I could get used to seeing the notch over there it sure would be nice to have the option to not see it. This seems to only be the case for some aspect ratios. More testing may be needed to understand when this is occurring.

  3. It would be great if you could indicate if the movie is HDR (10-bit) somewhere on the screen when flipping through them.

  4. What happened to showing us the resolution of the movie? That was one of the features that set Infuse apart from the competitors and now it appears to be missing! Please bring this back. (I see that this data is there in landscape mode but not portrait.)

Thanks in advance for taking the time to hear out your customers.

  1. The swipe bar fades for me once a movie starts. You may want to reboot your X and see if that solves the issue?

  2. Agreed – Most of my content is TV, so it’s not a problem. But when the aspect ratio is 2.35:1 or similar, it would be nice if it were zoomed out just a tad. I’ll take software bezels over cropped notch. :wink:

Thanks for the quick update, team!

Just watched a 2.35:1 aspect ratio file on the iPhone X and can confirm that (2.), the notch is covering part of the image. While I’m all for embracing the notch, there are certain videos that I would like to watch without the notch covering part of the video, especially ones with styled subtitles.

I would strongly suggest three zoom modes:

  1. The “Normal” zoom mode that ensures no part of the video gets covered by the notch.
  2. A “Crop (Fit to screen width)” mode that crops to span the content across left and right edges.
  3. A “Crop (Fit to screen height)” mode that crops to span the content across top and bottom edges.

Thanks for the suggestions.

We’re looking into a few potential zoom options for the iPhone X. Something like what defn described could make sense.

Also, we’ve tracked down a few cases where the home bar wouldn’t disappear as expected during video playback, and will have a fix for that in the next update.