Infuse Pro 5.6.7 not connecting to all NFS shares

I began using Infuse Pro at 5.6.5 on the new ATV 4K. Everything has been flawless until 5.6.7. It was preceded by the update to tvOS 11.2.5

As of 5.6.7 / 11.2.5, Infused reports “An error occurred” when trying to access the NAS.

Deleting the entire connection to the NAS and recreating as SMB restores access to all shares.

I’ve checked with everything else on the LAN, including my desktop system (running Fedora and mounting with NFS as well), and can confirm the problem is isolated to 11.2.5/5.6.7 when using NFS to the NAS

The only difference obvious to me at this point is the desktop uses NFSv4 and the app/tvOS uses NFS v2/v3 (QNAP doesn’t differentiate)

It seems as if NFS protocol is no longer working in 5.6.7. Has it been removed?

How can I pull the log files and help further with my debugging?


If you are able to send in a report from your device and open a support ticket it would allow us to look into this further.

Thanks James!

I found my way to the doc, recreated the errors, and submitted the diagnostics (with ref code in the ticket)

I have the same issues , i have the atv 4g , and suddenly i could not access my synology anymore , after hours i tried to set smb to smb2 and it worked , yesterday i bought an atv 4k and it worked fine until i upradede with the latest apple firmware , smb , nfs and upnp not working anymore , even not smb.
I think apple has altered the software in a way that inflicts infuse

I’ve found another anomaly.

SMB file names will sometimes come back as DOS ‘8.3’ format. example being “MAS*H” (which is per TvDB and ok with NFS) is returned 8.3 scrambled “K8X~Zw” style names… Infuse cannot match against that name nor should it be expected to

An asterisk is classified as an illegal character, and should be avoided when naming files.

A compete list of illegal characters can be found here.

Thanks James,

That’s what I half expected. It will be nice when you’re able to resolve the NFS issue resulting from 11.2.5 and I’m able to go back to using it. It was reassuring to know i’m not the only one seeing it