Infuse Pro : 4K AVCHD folder external srt subtitle (?)

Hi All,

Very happy with the apple tv 4K/infuse pro combination in our dedicated home theater at home :slight_smile:

My 4K UHD rips are stored on a Synology DS918+ NAS in the following format:

  • Folder Movie Name\AVCHD
  • In the AVCH folder are the BDMV and CERTICATE folders

Question 1 : I’m unable to retrieve metadata on the AVCHD folder. In another topic on this forum I found a post that creating a shortcut to the BDMV folder and put this next to the AVCHD folder should work. Unfortunately it doesn’t. Anything else I can try (i.e. saving a jpeg image in one of the folders?)

Question 2 : for this content the PGS subtitles are way too dark. I’m unable to query online subtitles which I suppose is due to the missing metadata. Is it possible to manually insert a srt subtitle file and put it in one of the folders so Infuse can pick it up?

Thank you very much for taking the time to look into these questions :slight_smile:


Are you connecting to your NAS via UPnP by chance? If so, this will prevent Infuse from displaying folder-based videos correctly.

You may try connecting via SMB of NFS, and these videos should start appearing as expected.

Hi James,

Thank you for getting back to me on this.

I’m actually connecting to my NAS through SMB.

The movies work fine as is but I’m just not getting metadata for bluray folders in an avchd container (I need this so the oppo 203 can play such movies over the network).

Kind Regards,

Ok, the typical structure for folder based videos (4K, Blu-ray, and DVDs) is slightly different, so that may be what is going on here.

Can you try placing BDMV and CERTIFICATE into the movie name folder?



If that structure doesn’t work with your Oppo, you may consider creating an ISO image file and placing the two folders inside. This will work in Infuse, and should also work on your Oppo.



Hi James,

That’s indeed how my uhd rips were originally but none of these formats work with the current gen Oppo players.

They dropped iso support.

Folder MOVIE NAME with subfolders BDMV and CERTIFICATE only works for when using an external usb drive attached to the Oppo.
For network playback it must be MOVIE NAME\AVCHD\ containing both BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders.

In both the above scenarios the movie must be patched with a BDMV tool (which also enables the full menu).

Looks like I can’t have it both ways satisfying infuse and the Oppo :slight_smile:

The Oppo does detect cinavia, if applicable, hence alternative apple tv 4k way :wink:

Kind Regards,

I had originally discovered the work around for creating the shortcut for BDMV. It only works over NFS, SMB share doesn’t work to get art. I have most of my backups on my Linux server for my UHD movies which are close to 70 now. Works perfectly well for all of them.

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