Infuse Pro 4 + Apple TV 4 - Opensubtitles does not work


I have an Apple TV 4, that I havn’t used for a while. Now starting to use it again, and - frustratingly - the Opensubtitles integration just simply does not work.

I’ve tested the internet connection, and it’s fine - I can download other apps fine.

I also removed and re-installed Infuse Pro 4, also doesn’t work.

Someone, please help!

EDIT: Fixed. Apparently, in DK Opensubtitles is blocked by DNS’s. Setting the default DNS to on my router worked. Did not see this immediately, as my computers have the DNS servers set locally.

Hey @Fafnr,

I just created an account for this: Thank you!
I’ve been blaming OpenSubtitles, and it was the same as you, it was blocked in Belgium too.

I changed the DNS to too and it worked fine.

To the uninformed, how do you set your router to Does it influence any other websites or anything else? Is it only for Opensubtitles, that you set the DNS to

Any downside to do this?


You can either do it at the router or change it on all your devices individually. For the router, you’ll need to go to the web interface for your router (generally an address like and find the DNS settings there. Usually it’ll ask for two DNS servers, so the second one use

There’s really no downside that I know of. Those IPs are the Google DNS servers, so they’re very reliable.


Could you please explain what the router actually does differently with than if it was set locally? I still wonder if it messes up other web sites, work situation (I might work from my home at times) etc.

Could I do it only for the Apple TV 4K?

Hi LudoDK!

Part of how the web works is that you need to translate from something you understand - - to something your computer understands, like, an IP address.

The DNS server does that translation for you.

Blocking a website in most countries means that you instruct all the national DNS servers (the ones in the countries jurisdiction) to NOT translate to this IP for you.

By setting DNS to, you use a service Google has made to do that translation. It’s usually faster than anything else, highly reliable, and unlikely to get a lot of blocking, and I recommend using it for everything.

I’m not sure how much config you can do on Apple TV to only use it there - sorry.

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