Infuse Pro 3.6 and MKV with HEVC/H.265

These files will not play. Audio plays fine, but video stutters and freezes.
On an iPad Mini 2, 64GB. running iOS 9.1.
Everything else (avi, H.264, Mpeg-2) plays fine.
Any chance this feature is coming soon…?

Such files play for me on an iPhone 6 using Infuse 3.6.2 Pro. They do show occasional stutters, but turning off background processing on the device seems to stabilise this. Definitely watchable overall.

I heard that h265 is quite expensive to decode, maybe it’s just a case of the playback device lacking CPU power?
Alternatively, I think that iOS offers optimized code for decoding h264, which uses the hardware to help. If Infuse uses that, and h265 is not (yet) similarly supported, that would explain the difference (I’m also not seeing any stutters with h264 files, ever).

I’d be glad for any clarification from FireCore.

Posted too soon: There is already an “official” statement here:

It seems my second hypothesis is true, and there is no hardware-supported playback available yet for HEVC/H.265.