Infuse privacy


why Infuse connect always with the external server: and

You used tracking? Please add a option, where can disable all tracking. Because I use this video player than local video player.

Where is the privacy update?

Infuse collects limited (anonymous) info about the types of codecs being played so we can work to ensure everything continues to work smoothly. A bit more info on this can be found in our privacy policy here. Privacy Policy | Firecore

An option to opt out entirely of this has been in the works, and will be available in the upcoming 5.7.4 update.

hi i’m also in favor of more privacy.

don’t like that you are under infuse app, these buttons are so present (trakt, twitter, help, email us*, review}. and if you click accidentally a connection is established.

  • if I click on email us, then comes so a diagnostic window and then comes the email window. Why not add for user the like privacy a extra option, where can show the email address from firecore??

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