Infuse preventing sleep mode

When we leave the screen before playing anything on the content or homescreen of infuse it keeps the display on. But when we are playing any content and pause it it will turn off display as like system time to turn off display. Please take a look into this bug. Not sure if it exists in iOS as well.

Is Infuse scanning through your files while left at the Home Screen?

While scanning, you will see a spinning wheel in the top right corner of the home screen, or you can check scanning status is Preferences > Library.

I believe scanning files will prevent the device from entering sleep mode. During playback scanning is paused, so that is why sleep mode works as expected there.

No, it isn’t spinning at all, there are only 3 dots.

In this screen it stays on.

If you go to Preferences > Library while you’re in this screen what does the status message say? It would be something like syncing… or Last Update… etc

Last update: around 30 mins ago time