Infuse Plex sync broken?

So correct me if I am wrong. I have the lifetime sub on Infuse upstairs but sometimes watch my series on Kodi downstairs. Both apps are connected with my Plex. When I watch on the Kodi downstairs the episodes watch don’t sync to my Infuse upstairs

Kodi should be fine because I also have an app for keeping track of my tv shows with Trakt. When I finish the episode on Kodi and Infuse it also adds the episode on the app as viewed.

What am I doing wrong?

On your kodi machine are you connected via SMB or are you using a plexbmc addon?

I am connected with webdav on Kodi, but don’t think Kodi is the problem since when I finish on Kodi the telephone app does adjust the episode status to watched :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. I ended up deleting my plex connection on tvos and readied it. After that everything seemed to work.

I deleted it but still when I watch shows on kodi en return upstairs the other day it doesn’t sync my watched shows from Trakt :frowning:

Any other suggestions or things I am missing?

Im not sure with trakt. This is what I use with my nvidia shield and kodi: GitHub - croneter/PlexKodiConnect: Plex integration in Kodi done right

Do the items you watch in Kodi appear as watched on your Plex server?

When connected to Plex, Infuse will use the watched status from the Plex server and will not pull watched data from Trakt. Scrobbling will still work, so you can record items you watch in Infuse to Trakt.

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Sorry I made the topic late so I have a big confusion. I have not any Plex server

So I have trakt on kodi I have trakt on Infuse and trakt on my phone

When I watch Kodi after the episode trakt asks me to rate the episode and it shows as watched on my phone app. It will however not show as watched on my infuse

Hope this clears it up a bit


Someone who has the same problems as me with trakt and infuse?

I guess I’m not understanding how you are using Plex then. Is this set up on another device? How are you connecting to it?

Hi James,

Plex is out of the question I had plex in my mind for some weird reason instead of Trakt haha

I only use
Kodi > Trakt
Mobile > Trakt app
Apple tv 4k > Trakt

So no plex :slight_smile: the problem is Infuse doesn’t seem to do 2 way sync with Trakt when I finish watching on the Kodi (it does automatic set the mobile trakt app on finished watching so I know it does at least nudge that the episode is done)

Sorry for the confusion in my earlier post and topic opening

bump, still doesn’t see all my watched episodes on trakt as watched on infuse

I may be completely wrong on this and I’m sure that @james will confirm one way or another but I’m pretty sure from past experience that if I mark an as watched directly in Trakt then Infuse doesn’t pick up that watched status unless you refresh metadata.

It was however a while ago since I had the need to do this and I may simply not be remembering correctly.

Just got home from work and tested it and it looks like I’m totally wrong.

I dunno when it updates I assumed just when opening the app but experience so far seems that isn’t the case

It continues to be a bit wonky for me still while kodi and the app do finish the episode

So not sure what I am doing wrong


I added some photos that would maybe be helpful. My tv show app shows episode 137 isn’t watched. Infuse also says 137 isn’t watched but 138 is. Both times I watch until the credits and the ‘next episode button’ appears

Hence why I think the problem lies withing Infuse