Infuse & Plex server - Benefits?

Hi there,

At the moment I use infuse on my Apple TV 4K to watch movies and tv series that are stored on my windows pc. On my pc, I’ve set up a folder structure with a folder for each movie and tv series. The folders are shared in my local network. Infuse accesses the folders via smb.

Compared to this very plain and simple solution, what are the benefits if I use infuse in combination with plex server on my pc?


Easier remote access and easier metadata management. If you use Emby instead of Plex, a much faster metadata sync.

For me, at least, everything is much faster. I have a big collection of UHD, and they simply play much better through Plex. But, I guess, every scenario is different.

Your term of “easier metadata management “ caught my attention. Since I also was wondering if plex had any advantages, could you supply some more details on the metadata management?

Watch status synced between all devices regardless of OS (great if you use plex on android or a console).

Ability to easily share your library with friends.

Easier to edit library metadata on a PC

Using Emby or Plex, you can edit metadata tags and Images:

The metadata and images are then synced to Infuse. The native metadata editing capabilities in Infuse are pretty limited.
Using Emby (Plex before Emby was supported) even allows me to use any metadata crawler of my choice :wink:

The downside is that you need a server with the application, but if the NAS where we have the data has support for Emby, it is worth it, no additional equipment is necessary.