Infuse/Plex Library Problem

I am trying to set up Infuse on my Mac and for some reason, Infuse is unable to recognise my video categories and put all of them under “Other”. Due to this, my Home section is empty. See screenshots below. I set up the same thing on my iPhone and Apple TV and they are both working fine except my Mac. Any idea how to fix this? So far, I am able to browse / play the files if I go to Files > “Server” > By folder. I have tried deleting the app, including the files under Library/Container/Infuse but each time I reinstall, it is the same. Help!

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 15.27.48

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 15.28.16

You may want to go through the users guide and make sure you didn’t miss a point or two. :wink:

Also you may want to let it finish it’s sync to iCloud and see if that changes things.

I have let it finish iCloud sync and it is still showing 0 TV shows and movies and 219 Other. I have set up Infuse-Plex connection the same way the guide suggested. Both my iPhone and Apple TV show the category correctly but not on the Mac.

Edit: In fact, I have disabled iCloud sync, not sure why it tries to do anyway.

The way you name your files is also key here.


TV Show Name S01E04.mkv
Or TV Show Name (2000) S01E04.mkv

Movie Name (1986).mkv

Scanned files won’t be removed from Other unless they are matched to content indexed at TMDB.

Personal content (Home Movies) will not be indexed and thus will remain in Other, even if you’ve personally named them using either of the above formats.

You can remedy that, to an extent, however, by including your own local metadata (.nfo / .xml & jpegs).