Infuse + Plex: Is there a way to bypass/ disable the 'select a version' option from appearing?

I like to leave TV shows playing while I go to sleep, but since I added Plex to Infuse, it pauses at the beginning of every show with an option to select a version. So now I’m having to got find my remote in the dark and start my sleep readiness all over again.

Also, I don’t actually have multiple versions of my video files, so where is it getting these versions from?

And they’re all the same version anyway?!

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It looks like you may have multiple copies of the same video scattered where plex is looking.

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If you use the plex app does it have the option to play “different” versions?

You can also go to Plex web app to check.

If those files are movies then tap the “ALL” button and you will see a filter for “duplicates”

If they’re TV episodes you need an additional step by first tapping the “TV Shows” button and changing the view to episodes and then the “ALL” button to find duplicates.