Infuse/Plex integration question

I am trying to understand the Plex integration. But after reading several threads I still don’t fully understand. For me the most important part is how do I know that Infuse is handling the video side.

In Infuse.

When connecting to Plex, you get the plex “tile” and basically see the same movies as you would as in Infuse. Watching a movie thru this option uses Infuse.

In Plex.

Once Infuse has been connected and I play a movie from Plex, it uses the Infuse video engine, right?

Basically, when you use infuse to play a video, infuse is handling the video. When you use Plex to play a video, Plex (or the native iOS Player handles the video

When you use the Plex integration in Infuse, Infuse reads the Video Meta Data and Library information from Plex. When a video is played in Infuse, the Video is direct played ( no transcoding) by Infuse

No, when Plex is used to play the video it uses what ever engine plex uses ( most likely the iOS nativ one)

Infuse engine is used only when using Infuse to play. So whats the benefit of Plex integration? Using Plex one get PMS Metadata management while using Infuse engine.


Thanks for the explanation. Really was under the impression that Plex was using the Infuse player.