Infuse+Plex and DS Video

Добрый день !
При просмотре фильмов в дороге с Synology( iPhone 12 Pro на работу и обратно) один и тот же путь, с DS Video проблем нет ни чего не тормозит, Infuse практически не возможно смотреть, ранше такого вроде не замечал, в домашних условиях Infuse, намного быстрей работает, в дороге не возможно(


Good afternoon !
When watching movies on the road with Synology (iPhone 12 Pro to work and back), the same way, with DS Video there are no problems, nothing slows down, Infuse is almost impossible to watch, I didn’t seem to notice this before, at home Infuse, much works faster, on the road is not possible (

Are you streaming over the cellular network to your NAS at home or are you downloading the videos to your phone and watching that file?

I’m watching from the NAS over the cellular network
there are no problems with DS Video

I’m guessing that the reason that DS videostation streams without problems over cellular is that it transcodes the video to a lower resolution so it can work over lower bandwidth. Infuse doesn’t transcode anything so if you try to play a 4K video then it will be trying to play a 4K video over cellular. That doesn’t work very well. When you’re at home I’d assume you’re connected via WiFi and that will be faster.

You can download videos when on your LAN and then play them back when mobile and not be dependent on cellular data.

I compared it with 720p, I was sure infuse could handle it, but you are unpleasantly surprised(
What I can do is understandable )
Thanks for the reply.