Infuse plays stereo audio as 5.1

I’m still having this issue, for what it’s worth.

Ok, but it is not possible to get the Denon receiver to decode 5.1 with an incoming stereo signal, at most Dolby Surround is possible. Dolby Digital 5.1 is only selectable if a DD 5.1 input signal is present.

What do you base “only a couple” on. Not everyone using infuse have the will to spend energy on writing some error reports on forum like this.
They just live with it and think that someone will fix it again in an upcomming update.

This issue is so anyoing since it has been working before.

When stuf like this happens, people tend to avoid updates since one never know if something gets broken.

It does work on other player apps so the discussion that it is the DENON receiver that is the problem, is just anoying.

I have a BOSE system that is showing what kind of audio format it gets and when I play stereo audio from infuse it streams out as DD5.1 to my BOSE.

I have exactly the same problem. My Apple TV connects directly to the TV. All 2.0 files are converted to AC3 5.1. Everything is fine with Plex. I don’t know how long it’s been like this, but I installed a previously purchased Infuse Pro and it has the same.

Hi all. I’m having the exact same problem. My Apple TV 4K 2022 (16.1.1) is connected directly to my LG 65" B7, with optical out to my older Yamaha receiver. For the Apple TV, my Video and Audio settings are:

Audio Format: Auto, Atmos Available (no change if I disable Atmos)
Audio Mode: Auto (no change if I set 16 bit)

With Infuse Pro 7.4.9 (4321), PCM 2.0, DTS 2.0 & 1.0, AAC 2.0 and DD 2.0 video files all play as DD 5.1. This happens whether I use an Emby or SMB share. FWIW, I do notice that when I start playback, I’ll see my Yamaha receiver click over to PCM 2.0 and then immediately switch to DD 5.1. Almost! :slight_smile:

When I play those same files in the Emby 1.6.7 (2) app on Apple TV, they all play as PCM 2.0, aside from DD 2.0, which passes through as DD 2.0. Here’s something interesting with the Emby app, though: As soon as I play any video with 5.1 sound, any 2.0 files that I play after that also play as DD 5.1 just like Infuse. I have to exit Emby and relaunch it to get proper 2.0 playback. Strange.

This is the input signal shown by the Denon app with a MKV video with AC3 2.0 audio played by Infuse (Eingang = input, Ausgang = output, Audio setting ATV DD 5.1 (change format)):

And this is the input signal with the same video played by MrMc or Plex app (same Audio setting ATV DD 5.1 (change format)):

The problem is probably that the 2.0 sound is also sent to multichannel LPCM and some devices do not handle this, so it will be Dolby Digital 5.1, which is a mistake, because it should be treated as native sound, so if the sound is DD 2.0, then DD 2.0 should be the output sound too. It would be great if this could be fixed because it is one of the best players out there. I really like it, but this sound problem is sometimes very annoying.

Just a dumb question :wink: Has someone reported this to Firecore or can we just trust that they read this in this forum?

Good question. I just reported it to Firecore via the contact form. Or is there a better way?

Good, It seams to be the way in so I did the same just to give them some fuel to the fire :wink:

I’ve tried to replicate this here. In my tests, when connected to an AV receiver and the Apple TV was set to Auto - the receiver received 2.0 when playing 2.0, and 7.1 when playing 7.1. If I change the Apple TV’s audio mode to Dolby Digital 5.1, then 2.0 audio would be upmixed to 5.1 - but the rear channels were always silent. Since the Apple TV’s option explicitly shows ‘Dolby Digital 5.1’ I believe this may be working as intended.

If the Apple TV detects a compatible device, it will send PCM audio. However, if for some reason it detects the connected device isn’t capable of PCM it may send Dolby Audio (Dolby 5.1 to be specific). This can happen if you are passing audio through a soundbar or TV, as these usually will not support multichannel PCM.

I don’t believe we have much control over what tvOS detects and the audio format it chooses to send, but I suppose there could be a tvOS system bug here. tvOS 16.2 will likely be out this week, so this might be worth trying to see if it changes the behavior you are seeing.

Other apps may be using older APIs or tvOS SDKs, so the behavior could be different there. For example, neither of the apps listed support spatial audio, so you are going to get stereo output in many more cases (even with 5.1/7.1 content).

Quick update. We’ve found one issue which may be causing this unnecessary 5.1 output when playing 2.0 audio in certain setups (when Dolby Digital 5.1 is active).

A fix for this will be available in the next update (7.4.10).

Good news. Thanky you.
FYI: today I went back to a 2021 model (2022 model has HDMI enhanced mode issues) which came with tvOS 15.6, and Infuse 7.4.9 plays all 2.0 audio as is, not convert to 5.1.

Good work!
Hope to be able to close this issue now.
Looking forward to see some Friends episodes without changing the settings for ATV.

Great! Under tvOS 16.2 the stereo output with audio format Automatic actually works, but not with Dolby Digital 5.1. However, Automatic is not suitable for me, because the multi-chanel PCM sound is output slightly asynchronous on my Denon receiver. Therefore, this is very good news for me that something can be changed in the Infuse app. Thank you for your support!

Today’s 7.4.10 update has a few improvements which should resolve most issues here.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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I have just tested it and it works fine.


Happy to confirm that all video files with 2.0 audio are output correctly to my A/V receiver. Thanks again for the bug fix!


The new Infuse version works perfectly without unwanted DD 5.1 upmix. Thank you very much for your effort.

Update December 27, 2022:
After further testing, I have now noticed a small unpleasantness: After playing a 5.1 video, the subsequent stereo signals are mixed up to DD 5.1 again. The workaround is to completely shut down the Infuse app via the Apple TV task manager (press home button 2x) and restart it.


Can anyone else confirm the behavior from my previous post?
The effect also occurs when switching from a stereo to a 5.1 audio track and then back again via the Infuse Audio tab.

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