Infuse playlist

playlist created in infuse (macOS) won’t sync whit infuse (iOS)

What Mac OS version? What iOS version? What version of Infuse on each?

Have you checked to make sure you’re logged in the same iCloud account on all? Does other info sync like watched status, shares, recently added?

latest version everywhere…same iCloud account on all.

The reason I ask for version numbers it that not everyone gets the very latest available to them at the same time so when we can verify numbers we can eliminate any new conflicts.

macOS 11.5 iOS 14.7 tvOS 14.7 infuse PRO 7.0.8
the problem only exists between macOS and iOS

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if I open the application on apple tv everything works fine … if it is closed infuse on mac with infuse on iPhone doesn’t sync

There are a few improvements/fixes for playlist syncing coming in the next update (7.0.9) so this may be worth trying.

7.0.9 should be available next week.

thank you! @james I would like a unified experience for all platforms!

ps: not only playlists were not synchronized between iOS and macOS but everything else …

Please give today’s 7.0.9 update a try (update on all devices) and see if things start working for you.

thanks @james everything works fine but the macOS application needs to be restarted to sync!

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