Infuse player paused - Safari video playback choppy (YouTube)


I am using macOS 12.6.2 on a 2022 M1 Max MacBook Pro and am using Infuse 7.4.10 to playback Plex content via 2.5 Gbit Ethernet and today something strange happened again.

Safari video playback of YouTube videos does get choppy when Infuse is running in the background, though the video in Infuse is paused.

It does not happen on Firefox.

And the choppiness does stop when Infuse is quit.

I am also running iStat Menus and CPU and GPU usage is minimal during those tasks.

I thing a restart of the Mac will help, if I can remember correctly, as it happened a week or two ago.

Any pointers?


Ha, after I quit Infuse again and played back YouTube in Safari again, the playback started getting choppy again, just after a bit longer lapse in time. I did a restart and playback, with Infuse pausing in background, is fluid again. I guess it is a bug somewhere else.

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Glad you have a direction to follow now.

I’ll close this one. :wink: