Infuse playback memory type

Hi, I’m streaming from plex online through infuse so i want infuse to load while i pause the movie because the network speed sometimes drop so what is the best option, There are three options for playback memory in infuse settings
1- auto
2-only memory
3- old

I want the highest.

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Auto is usually the best choice.

Thank you, can you tell me what is the highest buffer Choice

If you have ample disk space, the Auto option will use some of the disk for the read-ahead cache. If your disk doesn’t have a lot of space, then Infuse will automatically switch to memory (RAM) instead of disk.

Memory Only and Legacy are limited to the available RAM on the device, so the amount Infuse is able to cache will usually be lower.

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Thank you, appreciate clear information.

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And which RAM are we talking about? The RAM of the device where the library is hosted (for example a NAS or a Mac) or the RAM of the device we are streaming from (for example a 4K Apple TV)?

Pretty sure it’s this.

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RAM of the device Infuse is running on (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac).

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And what´s the difference between Memory Only and Legacy?

Memory Only is a modern implementation and is more efficient.

Legacy is the implementation which is largely unchanged from the original Infuse release in 2013. It’s not normally recommended, but it’s an option you can try if you are seeing issues with the other 2 options.

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great feature i hope it still forever

I use “Memory Only” om my Apple TV 4K 2021. The seeking / skipping is so much snappier.

The Legacy streaming cache is ideal when using a remote media server (Plex, Jellyfin, Emby) with an Internet connection with a data cap. Legacy is similar to the streaming cache method used by the native Plex client. The Auto and Memory Only options download (cache) the entire media file when started from the beginning. If you stop the movie or episode, Infuse will need to redownload (cache) the data again from the point you stopped to the end of the media file when you resume.

Memory Only will pre-cache some portion of the video, but since it is storing this data in memory (RAM) the amount it will be able to cache is much smaller. In most cases, this will only be a small portion of the file.

With both Auto and Memory Only, the cached data is cleared when playback is stopped. This happens to avoid issues with Infuse unnecessarily using disk or memory when it’s not needed.

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