Infuse playback freezing

Hi, yep, 7.4.4, latest version per testflight. Setting it to Memory Only did seem to work for about 5 minutes, but then is started the ball beach spinning again on resume.

Just an fyi, issue still present on 7.4.5

Hello team, may we get anyone onto this? The issue is still present after the latest beta release of infuse… and the issue still sits here untouched by anyone for 3 weeeks…

I’m running a Plex server and getting this issues on my iMac (m1) as well. Works perfectly on iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. On my Mac the video plays for about 20 seconds then freezes for +1minute.
So unusable in it’s current state. I’m on version 7.4.5

I hoped we would get a response to this, but since the issue is still present on the latest beta, I fear we might not…

I thought the problems are over but got the same start play freeze today, for 10 seconds, spinning rainbow cursor on M1 Mac… no problems on the iOS version :frowning: now it does this every time I start playback.

@James diagnostics code DMENH


Hi, and the problem came back again, something changed, I swear it was working for the past couple weeks and now the spinning rainbow mouse cursor is back again, at least when you resume playback from pause, or when you stop playback close infuse and open again and resume playback, this does not happen on iOS @james
Diag code H5WZF

Hi @RadekB I have the same issue you have. The beachball when resuming playback.
I just noticed something though. I left infuse opened for a while (a couple of hours) and now, I don’t get the beachball anymore. I wonder if the issue occurs when the libraries are being updated in the background or something.