Infuse playback freezing

That’s the difference. You’re using SMB shares. I’m using Jellyfin Media Server. Anyway. We’re back to square one.
You’re saying the problem is with network. I’m saying no. Please read this carefully:

Infuse, when you click play or load a movie for playback, starts buffering and playback in parallel. It uses a read ahead cache of some sort. The start playback isn’t the issue. But when you pause the video, I repeat again like mantra, Infuse already has some part of the media in cache, locally, some future part, so when you click resume it starts playing the local content. When you play local content it can’t be the network buddy it just can’t. And if it is the infuse logic is not correct. Because, let’s suppose you’re right, and it is network that’s the culprit, why is it affecting playback of already cached content? That’s just not correct. Anyway, as I said and the second person with a similar problem has no problems with IINA or VLC playing content from the network. None such issues.
I really appreciate the input but you’re using SMB, I’m using Jellyfin, and I’m not willing to use SMB just because.
Let’s please wait what Support has to say about the issue. And I repeat. It’s not when you start playback, it’s when you’re playing content, need to pause and then after 2-3 minutes you resume. At least as far as I remember. I might have had this happen when I started playback but surely less so.
Also, my iPhone has never had these problems being on the same Wi-Fi network. Never. That just rules it out. I did reinstall the Mac OS several times already, tested Ventura and such with the same results. So there you go. But thanks anyway.

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I don’t know if you’re aware… Wi-Fi doesn’t use only one channel to communicate. The soul fact that I’m getting 600Mbps to 800Mbos means I have a pretty decent connection, yes I’ve upgraded the network recently, and the problem is since I can remember. Trying to blame it on the network is just not logical here. I would blame it on Jellyfin integration on Infuse on the MacOS here. It might differ slightly from the IOS or TVOS here. But I can’t really say here. I’m just posting what I see and what I’ve already tried.
We could do a test here, if we could install the iOS version on Mac we could definitely rule out the network/hardware issue. I recall the iOS version had similar problems a long time ago. Maybe the code on both isn’t the same. Who knows. Let’s just wait for Devs to come back to me.

I guess if you’re willing you could completely reset your Apple TV. Also, sorry if you already mentioned, but you are on TVOS 15?

I want to make sure I understand the precise scenario.

  1. Infuse on MacOS using JellyFin server (connected with HTTP or HTTPS?)
  2. Clicking on “Play” you get instant playback of your media
  3. You pause playback, come back to it more than 3 min later
  4. You click on pause button to resume playback and there is a spinning rainbow cursor for a few seconds and then playback resumes?

Please read the first post in this thread for some of your answers.

@NC_Bullseye that’s the thing, it’s not consistent across the posts and I am trying to clarify.

First post:
when starting playback or resuming from pause or even skipping forward or back the player freezes with the rainbow cursor,

Later post:
The start playback isn’t the issue. But when you pause the video

I repeat, neither iPhone nor AppleTV have problems. The only device that has problems with the wait for resume playback is MacBook. No other owned devices have problems. All connected to the same NAS, all connected via the same wireless network. Also I can add, the LG tv plays fine using DLNA protocol which is served by the same Jellyfin Media Server. So if I were to guess the problem it’s how the MacOS Infuse is handling the playback. That’s it. So I will sum it up here:
1 iOS and TvOS are fine. Wi-Fi/LAN
2 can’t recall if starting playback has issues on Mac
3 definitely Pause/Resume is the issue here
4 tested both legacy Cache (RAM I think) and new Cache (disk), does not make any difference
5 did not test on SMB shares, might try this later on
6 this does not happen all the time
7 I also observed when resuming playback the audio for AirPods starts playing after 2-5 second of video start (it’s in sync but starts playback later)
8 when doing same using other Jellyfin clients there are no problems whatsoever
9 when doing playback from Jellyfin web interface everything just works
10 Jellyfin uses http connection, can’t bother with certificates since I use it in local network only
11 NAS connected using LAN 1gbps connection
12 a 4K 60fps video file is using max 54Mbps bitrate. Having speeds 600Mbps to 800Mbps surely rules out network (paired with no issues with iOS/iPadOS devices you get the drift)

So the only, really only at this point, hint might be the playback logic being different on the MacOS client as opposed to the iOS/iPadOS/TVOS or really a hardware/software optimization on MacOS, on the other hand there are apps like IINA or VLC, and the native Jellyfin apps on MacOS which don’t show the same behavior, so there you go guys. I would really wait for Infuse support to step in and troubleshoot the already provided diagnostic info. But thanks really for all your input.


Thank you for clarifying, I would agree waiting for support at this point makes the most sense.

One more bit of info that may help Firecore, on the Library preferences screen, what are you seeing for “Last Updated” and for “iCloud sync”?

Thanks @RadekB for putting up with us pestering you. :wink: :+1:


And also cache ahead works fine, look at the progress bar:

You can see half of the video content is already loaded, and it loaded it pretty fast really :D, like 2-3 seconds :smiley:

Thanks for that!

I have noticed on my ATV that if I am starting a video while Infuse is trying to finish it’s scans or in the middle of an iCloud sync sometimes it hesitates while it gracefully stops the updating to do the start video. I’ve seen it also try to sync when a video is paused for a bit and it’d have to gracefully end that process to resume the video.

Thanks again for the follow up.

Hmmm, I think it might be actually fixed in the latest version, I will test some more, I’ve seen buffering spinning wheel on the Infuse screen while loading video but the app wasn’t stuck, there was no spinning rainbow cursor at that time… seems a little better now. Will do some more tests over the days.

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I’ve been testing on and off for the past hour and no freezes yet, maybe the drag logs helped :smiley:

I have the same problem with Jellyfin, only on my MacBook (with M1 max) and for a long time too (absolutely no problem with iOS or tvOs).
I also have no problem loading the cache.
The problem appears when I start the media but also after pausing it, when I start playing again I too have a long delay, the play button stays grayed out and the mouse jumps to the rainbow spinning cursor. (probably while waiting for a response to a request on the main thread)
I will be happy to help resolve the situation by providing additional information.

Did you try the latest repease? Seems to work a lot better (it haven’t frozen once yet)

Hi all, unfortunately the issue for me is still present. It appeared to work fine for about 10 minutes, then straight out of nothing on rewind, spinning beach ball. That I played through the plex integration / connection. I also have my NAS mounted directly into Infuse as SMB share. So I went straight to play the same episode through that, selected resume, and after clicking spacebar to pause and then unpause, spinning ball again.

So, at least with me, it doesn’t seem to care if i play things via Plex, or via SMB share.

Diagnostic code: RNSKJ

To add, after I let the whole episode cache (that’s what the progress being filled is I presume), and my NAS activity calms down, going fowards and back seems fine, just the pause / resume. During all those 3 operations, no activity on my NAS. Cache is set on auto, and I can see my free space on my system SSD decrease about 10, which is about the episode size.

This may also not be the most scientific, but when unpausing the episode, in Activity Monitor, on Disk tab, I at the time had about 100-120 reads/sec. When pressing unpause, the value jumps into values well over 600. Maybe something in how Infuse works with cache stored on the drive?

I have Mac Mini M1, macOS 12.4, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM. SSD free space is about 60GB before playing the episode.

Hi, can you try changing cache to Memory Only?

Also, are you using the latest 7.4.4?