Infuse Performance on iOS8 / iPhone 6+

I have a new iPhone 6+, and I’m just trying Infuse for the first time. On paper it looks like the best MKV player in the App Store but in practice I’m finding performance to be really bad - mostly in the UI although actual video playback seems to stutter on 1080p content. I’ve uploaded about 30 videos, and simply scrolling the list is painful - it seems to be continually extracting screenshots from the video every time a clip re-enters the view. I’ve set “Metadata Fetching” to Off in the settings, yet it has extracted embedded tags from my videos rather than using filenames for display, and if I Clear All Metadata it seems to immediately recreate the same volume of metadata again. Just opening “Settings” from the menu takes at least 5 seconds. Finally it looks as though 1080p video isn’t actually playing back at native resolution but rather is being scaled by the OS much like the UI is.

My question is, are the issues I’m seeing simply the result of you not having yet released a version of the application built for iOS 8 and/or the new iPhone models? If so I’m await the next release and re-test before purchasing the pro version.

Thanks for your post - allow me to help clear up a few things.

The metadata fetching option really only applies to whether or not metadata and artwork are fetched from the web. With it off, Infuse will look for any embedded metadata and artwork, and generate its own thumbnail if none are found. There’s likely also some slowness related to iOS 8, which will go away soon.

With regard to playback, videos are certainly being scaled in the current version, since Infuse still thinks it’s running on an iPhone 5s…which is well below 1080p.

Lastly, we’ve got a big (seriously it’s massive) update in the approval queue at Apple. Hopefully the powers that be get a chance to take a peek at it over the next few days, and quickly get us on our way so we can release it to fine folks such as yourself.

Feel free to let me know if any other questions come up. :slight_smile:

I must say when I informed my fellow Infuse users of a current slowness in Apple’s validation process I didn’t think it would be that slow! What has it been now, 10 days? Wonder if the PTBs are trying to set a record of their own :frowning:

Or did the new update get rejected?

Still waiting…

Thanks for update, Apple is a bit slow.
Can’t wait to see it run

Well, I bought the pro version anyway because even with the slow UI and scaled playback, Infuse does seem to be a capable app with a committed development team. I’m checking for updates a couple of times a day as I really want to see if the issues I’ve noticed are fixed in the upcoming release. It’s times like these when I really wish Apple would just get out of their own way and relax their review procedures at least temporarily if they can’t get the reviews done quickly enough.

Rhaaa, what is Apple doing with that update ? I can’t wait to try it out :slight_smile:

Still waiting… =(

Any progress on the update?

Strange i’ve got an app that updated 2 times in this timeframe

same here. =T

Got an InFuse 3 update today. Only downloaded the app a couple of days ago and hadn’t yet tried it out. I was well impressed that it took a folder of various shows TV episodes, and it automatically created virtual folders for the series.

Thx James for the update, will try asap

Here in France, I can see that the app has been renamed, that the description mentions iPhone 6 and 6+ support and DTS but the update is not actually available, it’s still showing 2.3.1 ffrom May 29th as the latest version.

Ok, forget what I was saying, it’s here now.

I already bought the new Pro upgrade (restoring the existing one didn’t work so I guess this is a new upgrade fee, which would seem quite logical with the addition of the DTS support).

Wicked update - all my issues with performance are fully addressed. Glad I bought the pro version now - thanks devs!