Infuse pauses/stops playback of 4K content


I have written Firecore support but haven’t heard from them yet so was hoping for some answers here. My ticket is 114532 and my technical details HGK6W (in case any support personnel are reading the forum).

So I’m streaming from my computer via Plex. Previously episodes played flawlessly but now they pause playback at random intervals, 15, 30 or 50 minutes are the most common pauses.

Steps I’ve tried:

Transfered the file from my USB drive to my internal SSD drive
Power cycled my router
Made sure nothing else was using up bandwidth on network
Restarted Plex server
Optimized database of Plex
Cleaned junk in Plex
Rebooted Apple TV
Connected Apple TV directly to Ethernet (previously went thru a network switch)

But nothing has helped and it’s very strange. Oddly enough the episodes played great when I was on trial but as soon as I started my yearly subscription these issues arose.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Further clarification, the playback isnt buffering or anything like that. It simply goes black for a second and then playback is stopped. If I press play it will resume where it left off. Very bothersome since you never know when it will occur.

Reinstalling the app didn’t help either.

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Welcome to the forum!

I’m trying to visualize what your seeing, since you’re viewing 4K I’m guessing that you have match content turned on and so when you start a video it goes black as it matches content and then the video starts and normally when your video is over or you press menu your screen goes black a second time as it changes back then returns to the home screen correct?

So if I understand correctly, you are seeing this but without pressing the menu button, it just does it by itself?

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Hi Bullseye! Thanks for your reply.

I had Match Content turned off, didn’t know it should be active. I activated Range and Frame rate now and will see if I get the same results.

And you are correct in your visualization! A second of black and then the image returns, playback paused.

Update: I got the same results with match content enabled sadly. Very strange. Since not many people are talking about this I feel it must be something on my end, maybe the TV (it’s a Sony) gets confused halfway through or something.

Sounds like a buffering issue.

What Bitrate are the 4k Episodes encoded with? Whats the connection type of the Plex Server Computer to the network and a which speed. Same Question for apple TV?

For example if you have a 20 Mbps encoded movie, but your network at the weakest is getting only 16Mbps, you will see buffering

I don’t think buffering would cause the screen to go black and then return to the video in a paused state.

I have everything connected via ethernet in my network, so nothing is using Wi-fi in the streaming process, so I don’t think it’s a buffering issue. The playback isn’t buffering, it is interrupted and have to be resumed. Thanks for your reply though!

I see where you said you have written Firecore but have you submitted the error diagnostics immediately after this occurs?

I have yes! Awaiting reply from them :slight_smile:

Could you post the code you got?

I think he did. See first post


Its a bit hidden :slight_smile:

[smart aleck mode]
Ethernet connection <> fast connection

A Ethernet connection can be slower than Wifi in case you have bad network adapters, cables or routers

Common Ethernet connection speeds are 1, 10, 100 Megabit/s (Fast Ethernet), 1000 Megabit/s (Gigabit-Ethernet)
[/smart aleck]

But I agree, if you don’t see spinning wheel, its unlikely buffering

Dang, my bad. I guess I was still two cups of coffee short of optimum. :wink: Sorry bout that gauzemajig!

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Sorry for the trouble.

We’ve got your reports here, and are looking into what may be going on.

Hope to have more news soon.

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Hi mr Aleck! :slight_smile:

You’re right, I guess I just assumed my network is pretty good. Cables are new-ish and the router (tplink archer c9) has been performing great for me so I guess that’s why I didn’t expand on my network.

Thanks James!

The new 6.0 update released today has a number of streaming related improvements and optimizations, which may help with this particular issue.

Unfortunately the issue persists. I’m guessing that the diagnostics didn’t reveal any clues as to why this happens, guess I’m doomed to hit play a few times extra during a movie! Not a huge deal but still a bit annoying. iTunes 4K doesn’t stop so it’s all very strange.

Oh well.

Thanks for trying to help everybody!