Infuse + P5 DV + HDR TV

I currently have 3 Apple TV 4Ks (one each 2017, 2019, 2022). The oldest one is hooked up to a small, cheap HDR10 TV without Dolby Vision support. Most of my personal media collection is P8 DV (+HDR10 fallback—I play this stuff mostly on a 2019 Shield Pro), but I noticed something weird while playing P5 DV content—Infuse appears to tone-map P5 Dolby Vision to HDR10 somehow. Is that what happening? Or is this part of Apple’s media pipeline? I was under the impression that streaming P5 DV didn’t have HDR10 metadata and couldn’t fall back.

Newer versions of tvOS have some pretty neat tricks, and Infuse is able to take full advantage of these. :slight_smile:

For this reason, you should get correct colors with any video no matter what type of screen you are playing it on.

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