Infuse overwriting QLVideo MKV thumbnails

So I use a program called QLVideo to generate MKV file thumbnails on my Mac. As soon as I install Infuse all these are replaced with a generic video icon. Curious why Infuse scans all the mkv files and causes QLVideo/thumbnails to break. Is there anyway around this?

I’m on the latest version of Monterey


I’m guessing you’re talking about the file icon when you say “thumbnail” and if so all Infuse did was show up to the OS as an app that can handle MKV files. The Mac OS changed it to Infuse. If you prefer to have the other app you can change it back.

I can change the default player back to any other app (like VLC etc) but the MKV preview thumbnails that QLVideo creates are still broken until I uninstall infuse. QLVideo just scrubs the files and choses an image to use as a thumbnail, since MacOS doesn’t support MKV thumbnails natively. It’s not an actual media player.

Can you provide a screen cap of what you’re talking about?

Sure - this screenshot is when Infuse is installed, Ill post the second of when it is uninstalled in another post since I can only attach one. I get the generic icon with it installed and with it uninstalled QLVideo generates a thumbnail in finder.

Info on QLVideo on Github.

Not sure how commonly that is used and its ok but just nice to have the thumbnails as well in finder alongside of the Infuse metadata. Infuse is obviously doing something similar because its able to generate previews of each mkv file in its library.

Screen shot in finder with Infuse uninstalled - QLVideo generates a thumbnail

I believe those change when the default app for a specific extension is change. If you right click open with and select always open with and pick the previous app (QLVideo?) then it will possible change the icon back.

It’s not just Infuse, even the Quicktime Player does this.

If you want to do away with the preview then you can set the view options to show only the app icons.

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For those who use Infuse and the QlVideo generator plugin and find that MKV (or other video) files are not thumbnailing, the following will fix it.

After installing QlVideo and Infuse (and running Infuse at least once), open terminal and run the following 4 commands in order. (The first command resets all filetype Uniform Type Identifiers, the second command clears the Quicklook Cache, the third command resets Quicklook and the fourth command kills all Finder processes and relaunches Finder):

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -seed

qlmanage -r cache

Qlmanage -r

Killall Finder

All MKV files should now have thumbnails generated by QlVideo!