Infuse or Infuse Pro?

Maybe, I just don’t get it: Which version should I download now from the Apple TV App Store? Infuse, or Infuse Pro?

I am a user of Infuse 3 on iOS, and upgraded there via In-App purchase to Pro.

When I search now for “Infuse” in the Apple TV App store, it shows me two hits: “Infuse” for free, and “Infuse Pro” for 9,99€.
Which one shall I download?
Wasn’t it said that there would be a free upgrade to “Pro” for all users of Infuse 3 Pro on iOS?
Why does it want to charge me 9,99€ (again)?

Looking for help,
Stefan (who is totally confused)

You need to download the same version you downloaded for v3. It sounds as if you went for the standard version and then the inapp purchase to Pro? If so you should do it the same way for the TVOS version and you should not be charged for the inapp purchase.

I don’t see any way to upgrade from the free version to pro on tvOS… Anybody?

I don’t know where I can update to pro in tvos as I bought pro as in app on ios too. And pro would charge 10€ again. Any ideas?

If you purchased Infuse Pro via In-App Purchase (on iOS), download the free version of Infuse on Apple TV and your Pro features will be restored automatically.

Better visual indication of when Pro is active will be added in the next update.

Shoot. I clicked on the Pro version and it apparently charged me even though it should be a free upgrade. Do I have to go through Apple for a refund?

Same thing happened to me.

Please make it more clear what version one has to download depending on what version one already has in iOS.
The explanation in the blog on how to get the “right” Infuse version is apparently quite confusing to many.
Especially the fact that an In-App purchase is activated automatically is missing in the text, IMHO.


Same, but happy to part with the cash again as it’s a great product.


me to… didnt understand the info in the blog.
Btw. used a different itunes account on one apple tv. Is it possible to Upgrade to pro With restore pro from a Family account? aka joint app store accounts?

One of the restrictions of Family accounts is that you cannot share in app purchases.

I’m confused as to what features the pro version adds, as the free version I’m using seems to do it all. Is there a list anywhere?

Haviing paid +1 to this question…

Ok thanks have to buy the pro version then

One of the restrictions of Family accounts is that you cannot share in app purchases.[/quote]

I bought it on my wifes appstore account ( using hers on ATV4 ) and because we have family sharing it was free of charge, because I have bought Infuse 3 on my appstore account.