Infuse operability without internet access

Hello. Please tell me, with a lifetime license purchased, can I watch movies on a local network without Internet access? Will there be any restrictions due to the lack of infuse’s ability to check for a license on the firecore server?

For example, I went to the country for a month where there is no Internet access and took with me an Apple TV 4K with the purchased infuse. Will I run into problems ?

Or, for example, an infuse purchased for a month and a year. After Apple TV 4K, for example, is completely de-energized for several days or a whole week. And then turned on without internet access. Will infuse work ? Or will you need internet access to check a valid license ?

Infuse will continue to work offline but will be unable to update metadata; so if you change any filenames or folder organization these items will be removed from the library. You can still access them via the folders browser; and watched status is still tracked locally on the device even for files not included in the library.

If you subscription expires while your device is offline, Infuse will revert to the free version at the scheduled time (even if you have renewed it) — all Pro features will cease to function (you will no longer be able to play files with premium codecs, for example).

If you are on an annual subscription that auto-renews, offline Infuse Pro will expire at the end of the then current subscription period regardless (as the AppleTV will not know the next subscription period has been paid for).

You must reconnect your device to the internet to restore your purchase if your subscription was renewed or restarted.

Unfortunately, Infuse does not seem to support the import of new media (or renamed media files) when offline — meaning if Infuse can’t connect to TMDB, it won’t matter that you already have local metadata next to your media files via .nfoInfuse won’t utilize local metadata to either update or identify and add new media to its library. Infuse only uses local metadata to override metadata it has already gathered from TMDB and imported into its Library. No TMDB, no local metadata.

You can use the restore your purchase option if you tether your AppleTV to your cellular data. You won’t be able to update the Library & metadata that way, though, unless your entire local network (where the media resides) is similarly tethered to the same cellular data account.

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@james, confirm the words of FLskydiver ?

Not my experience at all. When internet is down for me, which happens about once a year, I can’t watch anything on Infuse.

EDIT: I’ll go even further; up until 4 years ago I lived in a different country, and it was the same. No internet, no Infuse.

Well, that’s definitely not the case. I tried to turn off the internet, infuse works. The question was in the time interval. Will he lose information about the license if he does not have access to the Internet for a long time. The user above basically explained everything in an accessible way. But I would like confirmation from the developer.

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I’ll check again later when I’m home. It might be the mother of all coincidences, since I lose internet access so extremely rarely. I’ll report back with the results.

No need, thanks. I tested it on my hardware.


I haven’t had home internet for … maybe five months? Infuse still works. It just doesn’t process the new content (that I source from places that are connected). Still able to locate and watch that content (once moved onto my home server) via the folders browser.

When my annual subscription last renewed, I needed to reconnect both AppleTVs to Apple (I used my cellular data) to let them verify I’d paid up for another year. Doing so restored ability to playback my local content utilizing various Dolby and DTS codecs.


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