Infuse only plays first or biggest title in ripped DVD with multiple titles

I watch a lot of shorts compilations, so this is more noticeable to me than others who only watch features.

Infuse only plays one title per DVD rip, even if there are multiple titles.

Also and related, is Infuse supposed to show the DVD menu, as VLC does? If so, that’s an even bigger problem because although Infuse usually fetches the right info based on metadata, it only ever plays one title.

You can choose which title to play in the “video” menu on Apple TV or in the setting menu while playing a video on iOS/iPadOS.

No DVD menus AFAIK in Infuse :frowning:

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Unfortunately, Infuse currently does not support DVD/BluRay menus. You can add your support here to add this feature by liking the first post in this thread.