Infuse on TVOS DNLA/UPNP issue

Infuse (Pro 5.7.6 Build 2176) on ATV4 does not display DNLA protocol.
It not possible to connect to NAS via DNLA.

It works on IOS but not TVOS.

Quick fix is:
If I make the DNLA connection in Infuse on IOS and enables iCloud Sync, and afterwards enables iCloud Sync in Infuse on TVOS, it copies the connection to Infuse on TVOS, and the connection is persistent (until it is deleted by the user.)
But I cannot connect using DNLA, unless I do as above.

Please fix it in a future update

Best regards

Thanks for the report. :slight_smile:

We’ll see what we can do.

Just to confirm that the issue still there in version 5.8 :frowning: