Infuse on Top Row...Can I also move Netflix to top row?

I have ATV2 Flash running untethered 5.3 on 3x ATV2s…I have just upgraded all of them from 4.4.4 due to Netflix having stopped working.

I have held off upgrading because I don’t like the “new” interface, but now I am effectively forced to use it.

Using the advice elsewhere in this forum, I have renamed Computers.appliance and Music.appliance files and the icons have disappeared from the Top Row. Infuse now automatically jumps up to the Top Row (which is good).

I now have four icons on the top row: Infuse, Movies, TV Shows and Settings. I would like to move Netflix up as well…does anyone know a trick to do this? There must be something about Infuse which allows it to promote itself to the top row if there’s a space, is there a setting or a file I can change for Netflix to do the same thing?