Infuse on PS4 ? XBox one X ?

Hi all

Been using Infuse 5 on Apple TV for months now, probably the best product of its kind, no doubt for me (and I have been using Plex, Kodi and others for years).

Now, my secret goal is to reduce the number of devices in my living room. I have a PS4, great device for (obv) gaming, but also for Netflix, even internet browsing.
The only reason why an Apple TV is needed besides it is Infuse. There is no convenient way to use Ps4 as a trustworthy media center client. Plex Ps4 client will transcode like crazy, will not allow for subtitles handling on PS4.
Infuse would be the perfect addition to a fully operational Ps4 based home entertainment system.

Do you guys have any plans for this to happen in a near future ? I wouldn’t mind buying another license for a ps4 version and get rid of the apple tv which, except for Infuse, is really not worth the price paid.

Or any plans for the new XBox one X maybe ?

Thanks for your feedback



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