Infuse on new Apple TV 4K (2021)

Hi guys,

I have two Apple TV 4K’s from 2017.
Both are becoming a little bit slow.
Has anyone upgrade from this generation to the new one from 2021?
If yes, how is the performance compared to the older model?

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I had both versions of the Apple TV 4K. At the time of the transition, the current version was tvOS 15. I didn’t notice any difference in the speed of both the player and the applications. I do not know how things are going with the transition to tvOS 16. But I haven’t heard about any claims about the work of the first generation Apple TV 4K.
Friends continue to use them in their home theater systems. There are no complaints.
But, the new A12 chip is certainly more productive than the A10 in the first generation.
Can you tell me what problems you encountered when using Apple TV 4K 2017 ?

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Over the time it seems to be slower to me. However it is possible that I may just imagine this, because the Apple TV’s are ~5 years old.

Still using the 2017 4K version here. Just upgraded it to TVOS 16 a couple of days ago. No issues so far and speeds seem normal. Then again, apple is notorious for slowing down older devices when new ones release…

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I found out from my comrades. No problems are observed after the Apple TV 4K 2017 update on tvOS 16.
I use the iPhone XS myself and after updating to iOS 16 I also don’t see any problems. Everything works well and fast.

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I have both versions of the Apple TV 4K and TBH, if it weren’t for the different remotes I probably couldn’t tell you the difference between them in terms of performance.

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Ok thanks, that’s what the others also say.
I will stay with my Apple TVs from 2017 for now.
Thank everybody. :slight_smile:

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I have both 2017 and 2021 Apple TV 4K.

Used both consistently running Infuse, Apple TV+ and Netflix with the occasional YouTube. No difference at all, at least to my personal experience with the exception YouTube App but that’s more of support issue rather than it being slower.

Infuse running with over 2000 movies and over 7000 TV episodes with no slowdown when compared between the two.

I would’t upgrade yet as it still serve it purpose exactly the same when it comes to watching movies/TV shows.


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