Infuse on macbook takes a very long time to start videos

My mac is running 14.0 and Infuse 7.6.2
Starting a new video from the internal HD sometimes take like 3-4 minutes. Sometimes as “little” as 30 seconds. I have never experienced something like this with any media player ever! :slight_smile: What is up with that?

I’d suggest that the next time a movie takes a minute plus to start you stop it and go to settings and send in a diagnostics and post the 5 digit code here. That way @james may be able to see what’s causing the delay.

Hmmm, does this happen with all files or just specific files?

If you are able to send in a sample video which is taking 4 minutes to open we’d love to be able to review it here.

Sure. This time it was only a minute. But still a very long time for a macbook M1?
But settings does not want to open while the video is loading, so no diagnostic code.
@james You want me to record my screen while the video is loading?

You can get the diagnostics code after it loads and you get control back.

Also if you could send @james the video at the link he provided that may help too.

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