Infuse on Mac will not play Plex Server Content

I updated to Version 7.5.1 (7.5.4394) today and now I can’t play anything from my Plex server. The media will play from Plex on this Mac no problem, and my Apple TV infuse plays as expected but I can’t get anything to play on my M1 Mac Studio running Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68).

When I go directly to the files tab I get an endless spinner and on the Library tab I see a spinner and “Fetching Up Next List” that never resolves.

I’m not dead in the water since I can watch the content on the AppleTV and the Plex app on my computer but don’t know what to do now. I just restarted my computer and the Infuse app several times.

I deleted the app and reinstalled from the App Store. It is working for me now. I don’t know if there was a better way, however.

There were some library updates that need to run for Plex after installing 7.5.1, so it’s possible if these had not yet completed an issue like this could be possible.

Glad you are up and running now though. :+1:

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