Infuse on Mac OS started prompting me to upgrade to Pro

I have a Lifetime membership to Infuse, but recently my Infuse app on Mac OS (Sonoma 14.1.1) has started prompting me to “Upgrade to Pro” when I try to play movies, and when I Cancel the prompt, it returns back to the Homepage, and doesn’t play the movie.

I have tried:

• Restarting the app
• Restarting the Mac
• Clicking the “Restore” button to restore my purchase (the icon rejects/shakes if I click it)
• Uninstalling Infuse and reinstalling it from the App Store, making sure I’m logged in to my regular iCloud account

I haven’t made any changes to my system, other than updating Mac OS when it comes out with Software Updates.

I also use Infuse on my iOS and Apple TV devices, and it continues to work fine there. Only the Mac OS version is giving me this problem.

What else can I try?

Are you by any chance connecting to a different country app store than the one you purchased the lifetime from?

Nope, connecting to the regular ol’ U.S. App Store. I wouldn’t even know how to change it to a different country…

If you’re using Trakt integration, try logging out of Trakt Settings/Sync, and relogin again.

Not using Trakt, either. I’ve been using the Infuse app on Mac since beta, and this is the first time I’ve started having trouble with it, seemingly out of the blue.