Infuse on iPad not releasing space of deleted files properly

Since an older thread about this has been locked, I would like to open this issue up, again.

iPad Storage inspector is showing 54GB of space being used for Documents & Files by Infuse, although I have only 1 file with 1.14GB in there. I have been deleting a lot, lately, but the space just doesn’t seem to be returned afterward…rebooting hasn’t helped either.

I use the Mac’s Finder to go into the iPad Pro > Files > Infuse and delete files from there.

Why is this happening, and how do I fix it? Deleting Infuse is not an option, bc I spent hours setting up all my network shares, logins, passwords, and mappings.

Anyone else still seeing this happening?

This thread has more info on a recent change which may help resolve issues here.

Thank you for all those clarifications.

Actually, last night, I re-read the old thread and ended up looking into the Files app, only to find that all the deleted files of recent days/weeks were indeed placed in Deleted Items…deleting them from there took care of my issue.

The second point you listed as ways to avoid this is what I now set up, as I definitely need the Files app for many other things.

Thanks again for that!


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