Infuse on ipad - no trakt indicators

Using my Apple TV, I purchased an Infuse PRO subscription. Trakt was already enabled, and iCloud was automatically enabled after the purchase.

I also downloaded infuse 5 on my iPad. It automatically started syncing my library, and iCloud was enabled by default.

I let it finish synchronizing my library and I logged in on Trakt. Unfortunately there are no indicators on the TVshows whatsoever. And yes, I am browsing the tvshows through the library, not through files.

what I’m I doing wrong here? I can’t find any option in infuse on ipad to enable indicators. and when I click on the trakt icon, scrobbler is enabled.

Does your I/pad show it is running the Pro version? If not you are going to have to use the option to restore in-app purchases to get the Pro features enabled on the I/pad which should then resolve this issue.

Yes. The attached screen shots show that the app knows I have a PRO subscription, and trakt knows how many tv shows I am watching. The third picture shows the list of tv shows without any indicators.

The iOS version does not currently include watched indicators in the grid view, but these are available when tapping on an item to view its ‘ticket’ or when browsing your videos in list view.

Adding watched indicators in grid view is something we have on our list for an upcoming version.

Hi James,

I get the indicators in list view, when I’m in the season folder, looking at the individual episodes. There are check-boxes on the watched episodes. But there are no indicators on the parent folders. Have a look at the attachment. Is this normal behavior?

Yes, this is working as expected for now, but is an area we hope to improve.

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