Infuse on ipad generally working great, some small issues

Hi, I am using infuse in combination with my qnap nas, and I have to say it works excellent !
As a dutch user I notice it somehow gets my language settings of my ipad, however, there is a spelling mistake;

When i have a tv series, and then some specials, it translates special into speciale and specials into specialen.
However, in dutch we would just use the english terms, eg: special and specials. Can this be corrected ?

I also get some movie posters that are rotated 90 degrees on some james bond movies for example. In general I would prefer to select english for movie posters and information.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll get those strings changed for the upcoming 2.2.2 version.

Can you provide a bit more info on the movies that are showing rotated posters? Currently Infuse will download metadata that matches the language setting of your iDevice, but we’ll likely be added a manual override option in an upcoming version.

The moview that show movie posters sideways are 2 james bond movies; thunderball and you only live twice. Both show me a dutch movie poster btw

Ah, it looks the Dutch posters for those movies are sideways.

The manual language selection option we’re planning should solve this.