Infuse on iOS remote streaming bitrate 4k


I have Infuse setup up at home with a Synology 218play as the server and an AppleTV4k as the player, conencted to a 4k TV via Wi-Fi. Everything works fine, including 4k HEVC DTS.

On an iPhone X I have managed to setup WebDav and I can connect and play SD movies with little buffering. But when I try to play the aforementioned 4k movies, they basically hang and stutter all the time, they play only 2-3 seconds and then buffer for 1 minute. Unplayable.

My question: is there any way to tell Infuse or Synology to lower the quality when streaming to my iPhone X? Or to transcode to 1080p or 720p? My Synology is able to do hardware transcoding 4k, as per Synology website.

Thanks a lot!

This is not available at this time, but integrating support for Plex’s transcoding for remote streaming is something we plan to add in an upcoming version.