Infuse on IOS device (Apple TV 4 & Ipad) - Mark as read doesn't work


Since 2 or 3 months, the mark as read function doesn’t function correctly. I use alway the last version on Infuse on my devices, thus this issue is not due to the last version (4.3 on Apple TV and 4.3.1 on Ipad).
On Apple TV, I edited some movies and tv show.
If I try to uninstall completely Infuse, do I lost all my modifications when after I will re-install Infuse ?


If you’re using Infuse Pro, and are logged into trakt on all devices your watched history will stay in sync.

We’re working on additional options for syncing metadata between devices for an upcoming version.

I use Infuse (not Pro) and I bought Intergrated Purchased on all devices.
Thus I assume it is the same that Infuse Pro.