Infuse on ATV4 choppy

Hi community,

I hope to get any help here.
I already wrote a mail at the support and got an answer but this takes long time.

I am having trouble to play any HD content with latest Infuse on my ATV4 running
latest tvOS.

Metadata fetching works perfect. I love it!
And on iOS everything’s fine too.

When playing a movie, whether untouched BluRay (MKV) or compressed MKV
(about 2gb with compressed AC3 stream), the playback sometimes hangs -
it’s kind of choppy. Audio is fine, picture not.
Same with M4V content.
I use h264 codec to convert my movies (Handbrake).

This mostly appears while showing scrolling landscapes or very detailed shots. Sometimes
in the middle of a movie sometimes at the end.

I played around with some settings in tvOS and Infuse itself. No result.

Both, my ATV and my NAS are connected to a gbit network.

I got the hint to attach my ATV via WiFi
due to ac WiFi vs ATV’s 100mbit ethernet.
Didn’t tested it, because running the ATV via
WiFi isn’t an option for me.

iTunes private share works great. No issues here with same movies tested. Infuse: choppy playback.

Is there any error in encoding/decoding process?
AC1 vs AVC maybe?
Does Infuse any buffering?

Thanks in advance.


  • remo

Sorry about that.

If you’re able to upload a sample video you are having trouble with it may help in tracking down what’s going on.

More info on doing this can be found here. Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

Hi James,

thanks for your reply.

Uploading isn’t necessary.
The issues appears everytime with every movie in my collection. I’d prefer logs from MediaInfo etc. ?!

Can you tell me more about AVC and buffering?

Thank you :wink:

Hi all,

seems the problem is solved now.
I restarted my ATV several times.
Also rebooted my NAS twice.
All tests were successful - until now.

Happy holidays.

Issues gone.
Restarting my devices was the solution.
Watched about 5 movies until now.
The laggy playback has gone.