infuse on atv2 running 5.3

I recently ugpraded to the 5.3 jb from 5.01 and installed atv flash.

I no longer have my media application that lets me locate movies stored on an external hard drive.

I believe infuse is the replacement, but don’t see that either. How do I install it? 

Go to the Maintenance application that was installed on the ATV when you ran the aTV flash installer. Select Infuse from the list of applications to install.

i restored my ATV2 in iTunes to 5.3. then i used seas0npass to jb it. installed ATV flash, but can’t install infuse from the maintenance folder. i could install xbmc though. what is going on? 

What do you mean by saying you cannot install inFuse?    Do you get an error - if so what one?

Installing XBMC has been known to break the installs for other plugins (like Infuse).

Re-running the aTV Flash (black) installer from a Mac or PC should clear up these installation issues.

This Player always buffering but my Network is a Gigabyte Network!!!

Sorry but i dont buy Atv Flash anymore…


Plex with Airplay is the beste option for me…


Hope cant fix this…