Infuse on ATV 2 (An error occurred. AFP connection failed: unreachable network or incorrect login/password.)

My Jailbroken ATV 2 on Apple TV Software 5.2 (6010.96) is unable to connect with my Synology NAS DS1513+ DSM 4.3. It was working a few days go with no changes made to either the ATV 2 or the DS1513+ recently. I can stream from the DS1513+ to Infuse 2 on my iPad 4th generation iOS 7 and on my iPhone 5S iOS 7 as well. I have never had any problems when I was on media player. All of sudden a few days ago I go into maintenance mode and see that I can install infuse on ATV 2. Since I love the app on my iPad and iPhone, I decided to install on ATV 2 as well. It worked fine for about 3 days. Now I get the error in the subject when I try to connect to it. I know my username and password are correct. Is anyone else running into this problem on their ATV 2?

In case anyone else runs into this problem, I got it to work :D. Here is what I changed:

  1. On Synology Box create a new user called infuse with password infuse. Give this user read/write permissions to your media content folder location.

  2. On Apple TV launch infuse application, go to settings, manage shares, edit your share and for server put Synology NAS IP Address instead of DNS name. Change username and password to infuse. Test Connection it should say Passed!

  3. Very important, After Test Connection says Passed, make sure you Save Changes. If you do not Save Changes it will default to old username and password.

  4. Go back to settings, Manage Library, select your share (Synology NAS), it should now say Fetching Content. Give it some time and voila!

  5. Infuse is great! I recommend it.

Good to know that after years of complaints (apparently) this is still an issue. Very happy to know I paid $29.95 of my hard earned money for garbage software that simply DOES NOT work.

Thanks for nothing!

identical issue overhere; from one day to another the AFP-error occurs when trying to connect to my Synology NAS. Come on firecore guys, how hard can this be to fix…

Same issue. No resolution.

the same problem!!! please resolve this problem!