Infuse on Apple TV can't see my AirPort Extreme

I have just purchased the Pro version this evening and I cannot get the app on my Apple TV to detect my AirPort Extreme. I have the latest gen Apple TV and AirPort Extreme.
I have tried manually adding a ‘Share’ but I constantly get the same connection error message.
I’ve already looked for the answer online but I cannot find one. I’ve tried all different combinations of usernames, IP Addresses and passwords but I’m unable to connect.
Can anyone suggest why the Airport Extreme isn’t showing up as a detected item in the Infuse app for starters.


Have you looked at the set up info at and primarily the info for Device specific notes at the bottom of the page regarding the Airport Extreme?

Yes I have already been through the ‘setup’ and followed what it asks. It assumes that everything connects and doesn’t offer any help or advice if it doesn’t.
I do have file sharing activated on my AirPort, I do know that password, I’ve already tried the basic stuff like that.

You havne’t provided any details of your setup.
How is the network setup ?