Infuse on Apple TV 4K suddenly wonky

I have the previous generation of ATV4K. I use Enfuse to play my Plex Media Server content because the Plex player has sync issues. Anyway, 2 days ago everything was fine. Yesterday I went to watch some content and the play button did nothing. It “blinked” when I clicked on it with the remote, but nothing played. I had to restart the ATV4K to make it work. Today, same thing.

Was anew version of Enfuse pushed or did Apple push an OS update? Anyone else having issues?

If you’re talking about “Infuse” :wink: it sounds like maybe the app got corrupted with either a recent “Infuse” update or the latest OS update.

Since it’s remedied by restarting the ATV I’d try manually force quitting the Infuse app if it happens again and see if that fixes it when you re-launch it. If it does, then delete the Infuse app and re-install it.

Sorry…my spell check seemed to have “Enfuse” and “fixed” it for me. Suddenly it started working again so…



We’re all victims of the machines taking over some times. :wink: Glad it settled down for you. :+1:

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